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Powder Pup Sunset Walk

This tour is a fantastic opportunity to enter the world of a retired sled dog. Howling Huskys is a forever family meaning we do not rehome our retired sled dogs but just simply change their job. So come gear up with a pair of snow shoes and walking harness and let our senior sled dogs show you the beauty of their favourite trails. As you journey into the trees with only the sound of crunching snow beneath your feet, your experienced guide will show you the fun we have keeping our retired dogs fit, happy and healthy. This tour is great for all ages as and is based on keeping our dogs minds sharp and engaged. So make snow angels together or play catch with a snow ball or just embrace the gentle nature of these dogs while enjoying the view as the sun is going down. Please note: children under the age of 13 cannot walk a dog. The minimum charge for a Powder Pup Snowshoe Tour is 2 adults - maximum group size is 8 people. Tour availability is limited so please book ahead.

Snowboard and Boots Hire

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Spirit Of A Sled Dog Tour

Be wide eyed by the beauty of Mt. Baw Baw's winter wonderland as you embark along the longest commercial dog sled trail in Australia. You are in for a howling good time as your guide and team of Howling Huskys takes you to the summit and beyond on this half day tour. We start with very excited dogs as they love to run in the chilly morning air. Brave the task of learning how to harness your team, their positions, then we hook up and the real fun begins. So simply rug up, jump in and hold on! First we head up the long hike to the summit of Mt. Baw Baw where your musher will tell you a little about your team, the equipment, the history of the sport and breed but most importantly how to MUSH! So pay attention as you will need all the advice you can get when it is your turn to drive. Enjoy the amazing open views before descending through the labyrinth of snow gums towards the back end of Mt. Baw Baw. Now it's your turn to jump on the back and hang on as your guide helps you to run your own team of huskies! After all that excitement we stop to enjoy the view with a campfire lunch and hot drink while warming our toes by the toasty fire. Before long the dogs will tell us it's time for the home run! With your new skills you have learned, feel free to practice and jump on the back with your guide. Once home, take all the time you need to thank your beloved team as their work is done for the day!

Toboggan Hire

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Helmet Hire

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Summit Sunset Tour

Your journey begins as you snuggle into the sled just before dusk and our team of Howling Huskys take you on an experience like no other in Australia! Sit back and relax as your large team begins the climb to summit of Mt. Baw Baw. Once at the summit take a break to meet the team and be overwhelmed by the breathtaking views of the surrounding Baw Baw National Park. Learn about the dogs, the history of dogsledding and the reasons they love doing it. Continue along the trail and come to a stunning look out where your musher will share some local knowledge with you and leave you to enjoy a complimentary wine as you watch the sunset (of course your team of Howling Huskys will be right behind you also taking in the view!).

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