Powder Pup Snow Shoe Tour

This tour is a fantastic opportunity to enter the world of a retired sled dog. Howling Huskys is a forever family meaning we do not rehome our retired sled dogs but just simply change their job. So come gear up with a pair of snow shoes and walking harness and let our senior sled dogs show you the beauty of their favourite trails. As you journey into the trees with only the sound of crunching snow beneath your feet, your experienced guide will show you the fun we have keeping our retired dogs fit, happy and healthy. This tour is great for all ages and is based on keeping our dogs minds sharp and engaged. So make snow angels together or play catch with a snow ball or just embrace the gentle nature of these dogs while enjoying the view. Please note, Children are unable to walk dogs on this tour, but they can have plenty of pats and cuddles along the way. Children and Adults can all enjoy a pat'n'play session with all available dogs after the tour as well.
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