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Summer Activities

Laser Tag ($20 PP)

Work as a team to eliminate your opponents or capture their flag on our outdoor assault Laser Tag course.

MTB Gravity Shuttles

MTB Shuttles run through green season with pickups at the bottom of DH1 and drop-offs at summit.

Dingo Walk w/ Cake & Coffee

Enjoy a 1hr guided walk with the Alpine Dingoes through the beautiful alpine environment. This package includes cake and coffee. Please note Dingo Walks are available at 11am and 1pm daily. Minimum booking of 2 persons required. If you wish to do a walk with 1 person, you must pay the for 2 persons.

Archery Attack ($20 PP)

Archery Attack equipment consists of foam-tipped arrows and inflatable bases, allowing you to play against your friends and family in this unique game.

E-Bike, Hardtail Giant

eMTB hire is now available from the resort! Access the back-country trail network and top of summit with ease! eBikes are great fun with a massive 400kwh battery to keep you going all day.

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Min: $20.00 Max: $65.00
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